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Dear Parents and Navarro Community,
As you are probably all aware Navarro ISD is growing, and our graduating classes have steadily grown to a point that we are no longer comfortable with the facilities at Goldie Harris Gym in Seguin. We have explored new venues over the last couple of years and talked to many members of the community for input about a new plan. We hosted a meeting at Navarro High School the evening of July 26, 2016 to discuss this issue where we considered the problems we have seen and discussed multiple options for change. After the last few months and the meeting in July, we have heard a strong desire to hold graduation in our stadium at Navarro expressed by a large majority of those with an opinion on the topic. At this time we want to give our community plenty of advance notice about the change, so we are announcing that graduation ceremonies for the Navarro Class of 2017 will be held at Irwin-Lee Field on the evening of June 2, 2017. While we have traditionally held graduation at 7:00 p.m., the starting time will be later. That exact time will be shared at a later date. In light of the high temperatures that time of year, we are planning to have a live stream of the ceremony in a remote location in the district for those unable to manage the heat. We will also have the ceremony on the internet as another alternative for friends and family.
In the event of weather that forces us off the field at that time next spring, we will hold graduation in the Event Center on our campus with each graduate receiving a limited number of tickets. While this is certainly unlikely, we will have several remote locations with a live stream of the event should it become necessary. We will have enough space to accommodate everyone without a ticket to the Event Center.
We want to thank all of those that have shared opinions and suggestions about this change, and we look forward to a venue that the Class of 2017 and future classes will be proud of and familiar with as they celebrate with the entire Navarro Community.

Gary D. Haass
Navarro High School Principal