Student Resources

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Britannica Online
Britannica Spanish Reference Center
Research Sites
Infomine - Internet resource collection covering numerous topics from history to science.
Sweet Search for High School Students - - Links to tons of websites sorted by school subject. Also has information for college applications, test preparation, etc.
Reference Tools
RefDesk - Ref Desk provides reference information, facts and news.
Acronym Finder - Type in any acronym or abbreviation, and this site will tell you what it stands for.
iTools -  iTools provides access to some of the internet's best tools such as a translator, web search, dictionary, quotations, biographies, etc.
Government Reference - Find anything you need to know about the United States government on this site.
University of Albany Reference Page - The reference page at the University at Albany provides links for all your needs. This page is extremely useful!
Rhyme Zone - Trying to find a rhyming word? Type your word in the blank, and the site returns words that rhyme with it.
Visuwords - Find out how words are related and what part of speech they belong to with this graphical dictionary.
AltapediaThis site provides physical and political maps of the world as well as facts and statistics.
Citation Tools & Information
Research Helps
Popular Sites Used by NISD Classes
Free Audiobooks
Teen Websites
Need a suggestion on what to read next?  Check out the numerous suggestion sites here.
Bibliomania - Free Online Literature and Study Guides
Fantastic Fiction - Find new releases and information on series & sequels
Homework Helper - Find links to numerous helpful sites here or search by school subject to get sites specific to your class.
Homework Center - Find links to useful tools to help you in any subject.
Quizlet - Make your own flashcards.
Study Stack - Another flashcard site. - Free tutoring for military families
For Fun
Sheppard Software Games - Search by subject.
Gamequarium - More games by subject.
College Information & Assistance
College for Texans - Everything you need to know to plan for college.
Apply Texas -Texas Common Application
FASFA - Financial Aid
Fast Web - Free Scholarship Search
Navarro Wiki - This page has links to everything you need to know to choose a college, pick a career, prepare for tests and write college entry essays.
Search Engines
eThemes - Student safe online resources from the University of Missouri.
Google ScholarDriven by Google, Google Scholar "Provides a search of scholarly literature across many disciplines and sources, including theses, books, abstracts and articles."
Clipart, Images, Sounds & More
Local Community Sites