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I hope everyone has had a restful summer.  This year is already looking up to be amazing!

 Honors Biology students need to down load the science fair information packet, have parents sign the letter, and have a topic of interest ready on the first day.  We will begin the first week of school getting library research and working on science fair forms.

Dual Credit Biology students need to down load the flower project information and begin collecting.  There are many that bloom in the fall that are not seen in the spring.  This will also lower the stress of the spring semester.

Biology I students need to be ready to begin on the first day.  We have a lot to learn this year and no time is wasted. 


All Students should check my supplies list.  Everyone needs one composition book, blue or black and red pens (other colors can also be used), and a folder to keep track of all assignments and papers.


Rissa Springs