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Spanish I, II, III, IV
¡Bienvenidos a mi pagina! 
 ¡¡Hola!! My name is Marilyn Palacin, and I am excited to be your Spanish teacher!  
 I was born in Mexico city. My family is from Colombia, and from a very early childhood I have been traveling between Mexico, Colombia and the United States. 
  If I was asked to pin-point the one thing I've learned, that has had the most impact in my life, without a doubt, it will have to be, to have learned another language; Hence my passion for you to learn Spanish! 
This year will be one to provide a wealth of cultural awareness and learning experience for both, the students and myself. I will strive to make your learning experience an exciting and fun-filled one. ¡A disfrutar el año escolar! (Let's enjoy this year!) 
 Marilyn Palacin.