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Anatomy and Physiology Classes 2017- 2018

Dear Parents and students:

Welcome back to Navarro High School. I hope that this year will be the start of bigger and brighter things for each and every one of my students.

High School is a time to grow up and develop a work ethic that will prepare young men and women for the working world. The work load and social adjustments are becoming harder each year. Students are expected to attend school regularly, complete all assignments, and behave appropriately. Your year in A and P Class will be exciting, challenging, and filled with many new opportunities to think about the world around you.

This webpage was developed to be a tool for success in this class. Please come back  a minimum of once a week for updates and helpful materials. I will remind you regularly, to help develop the habit of checking for updated assignments and test help.

I will be focusing on medical application objectives, but many of the tests will be Textbook based. This makes it very important to read the chapters and study the summary notes. I will do my best to provide hands on science experience, which may be the first time some students have been challenged to think along with remembering facts. The students will be asked to explain all concepts with the understanding of the A and P vocabulary. This will seem like learning a foreign language, but will become easier with some good hard work.

If at any time you feel lost, tutorial periods are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 3:30 pm, Room 5706. This will change to mornings when basketball starts.

Be present, prompt, and prepared at all times.

John M. Odell

Anatomy and Physiology/ Navarro High School

830-372-1931 Ext. 5706