Dual Credit Information

Dual credit courses afford students the opportunity to take courses which simultaneously earn high school and college credits. These are college courses which also meet the state curriculum requirements for specific high school courses allowing the student to satisfy high school credit requirements at the same time they are earning college credits. Students are taught and graded in the same way as college students who take the same course and will receive college credit immediately after they complete the course. Most courses will transfer to any public Texas college or university if the student earns a ‘C’ or better.

Dual credit may be earned through participation in online, home campus, or college campus courses. Online and college campus courses incur textbook and tuition expenses from the cooperating higher education institutions. In some cases, these expenses will be passed along to the student. Any fees being passed along to students will be identified in the Dual Credit Agreement the student and parent will be asked to sign as part of the registration process for a dual credit class.

Students wishing to participate in the dual credit program must meet eligibility and enrollment requirements stipulated by the participating college. Only juniors and seniors are eligible for dual credit course.

High School Course

College Course Equivalent

English IV Dual Credit 
US History Dual Credit 
US Government 
State and Local Government
Communication Applications Dual Credit 
Instrumental Math (College Algebra) 

ENGL 1301 / ENGL 1302
HIST 1301 / HIST 1302
GOVT 2305
GOVT 2306
SPCH 1311
MATH 1314

Other courses may be available in an online format. See the Academic Dean for details.