Dear Parents, Students, and Community Members,

First of all I want to welcome all of you, new and old, to the high school community and the start of the 2019-20 school year. This year is exciting as the high school continues to grow and expand our offerings to students. I hope that you find everyone on this campus available to work with you as we strive to make Navarro High School an EXCELLENT place for students to receive an education. This goal takes a team effort and your input and involvement in our school is not only welcome but encouraged. School improvement happens when we all share a common vision for our students, and the more feedback we receive the better opportunity we have to improve daily instruction in the high school. This is an exciting year in the Navarro ISD; our graduates this May will be graduating 100 years after the first graduating class at Navarro High School in 1918. Much has changed as you look around at the many new and emerging facilities in this district that serve 600+ students on our campus this year. One of the more profound changes from 100 years ago is the fact that every student on our campus will be assigned a Chromebook for school and home use. Technology is and will continue to be a big part of the professional and personal lives of our students, and we want to ensure their ability to function effectively in the 21st Century workplace. We offer many ways for you to be involved with Navarro High School in the various activities in which our students participate, so please come be a part of the good things at Navarro High School.

As the Principal at Navarro High School, I want to be available to you to answer your questions relating to any of the numerous activities on our campus. All of our teachers and staff have e-mail and websites that can often answer questions, but I am available if those avenues are not sufficient. I am at many events during the school week and will be happy to stop and talk, or you can come by and visit with me in the office. I can be reached at 372-1931 for an appointment. In an effort to maximize the time I have to be in classrooms with students and staff, I have scheduled conference times this year during 2nd and 6th periods on our schedule. If you are unable to visit at those times, I can generally set an appointment after the school day ends at 3:30. I look forward to working with each of you to continue to make Navarro High School a tremendous place for students to experience the learning process.


Gary D. Haass


Navarro High School

Chromebook Information

We have implemented a campus-wide Chromebook distribution to our students.Your child was issued a Chromebook for school and home use, and we expect that it will become a powerful instructional tool available in all classes on our campus.Students have been instructed to have their Chromebook with them every day and to have it fully charged to start the day.The use of this device in any given classroom will be completely at the discretion of the classroom teacher that period, but students are expected to have it available for instructional uses in all classes each day. The Chromebooks are just another tool for instruction, like a textbook or workbook that the students may be responsible for during the year.We have offered the opportunity to pay a fee for insurance that will cover accidental damage to a student’s Chromebook, but it is not required.Please be aware that just like with textbooks students will be responsible for misuse and damage to these devices.

Should you have any questions about the Chromebooks feel free to contact me at 830-372-1931.

Gary D. Haass

Navarro High School Principal