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You must submit a photo during the SAT test registration process. The photo you provide will become part of your Admission Ticket. You will be asked to upload a digital photo during online registration. Your appearance in the photo must match how you will look on the day of the test or you will not be admitted to the test. Please see the SAT websites for more information.

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ACT – English (Reading/Writing)/Math/Science

  • More questions than the SAT / less time per question to answer

  • 215 questions/ 1 optional essay – 175 minutes total for the test

  • English – 75 questions / 45 minutes

  • Math – 60 questions / 60 minutes

  • Reading – 40 questions / 35 minutes

  • Science – 40 questions / 35 minutes

SAT – Reading/Writing/Math

  • 2 sections of math – one with using a calculator/ one without using a calculator

  • Fewer questions than ACT but more challenging questions so you have more time to answer

  • 154 questions / no essay – 180 minutes

  • Reading – 52 questions / 65 minutes

  • 10 minute break

  • Writing/Language – 44 questions / 35 minutes

  • Math (no calculator) – 20 questions / 25 minutes

  • 5 minute break

  • Math (calculator) – 38 questions / 55 minutes

Score Range

  • SAT – composite score of 400-1600

  • ACT – composite score of 1-36

Scholarship Opportunities

  • Need to score at least a 28 on the ACT and above 1300 on the SAT