Theatre Arts I/II/III 9-12th Grade; 1 Credit

This course is designed to give the student opportunities to communicate in dramatic form, make artistic decisions, solve problems, build positive self-concepts, and relate interpersonally. Skill areas will include creative expression and performance, historical and cultural heritage, and critical evaluation.

Technical Theatre 9-12th Grade; 1 Credit

This course is designed for students who excel in design or any area of theatrical production. It will expand the students' knowledge in all aspects of theatre production, except acting. We will cover costuming, make-up, set design and construction, lighting design and technology, sound, properties, etc. This course will be independent study and requires teacher approval.

Theatre Production

A student may audition for a production which rehearses after school. The rehearsal process for actors and work schedule for technicians serves as the course curriculum. Students earn 1/2 credit each semester they are involved in a production. It is a pass/fail course.